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Our aim at Heritage College Lake Macquarie is to improve the learning of all our students through a high standard of curriculum, assessment and reporting.  The resources you are required to purchase have been carefully chosen and sourced and are listed below. 

Year 9 - Returning Student Complete Pack (doesn't include Visual Art Diary/Calculator/Geometry Set)
  • Cambridge Maths 9 (must choose either Advanced or Standard) - $68
  • Cambridge Maths 10 (must choose either Advanced or Standard) - $68
  • Oxford Insight History - $74
  • Pearson Science Course Pack - $67
  • Pearson Geography Stage 5 Course Pack (covers Year 9&10)) - $76
  • PDHPE Outcomes Stage 5 Hire fee - $20
  • Exercise Book Pack Mandatory - $20
TOTAL - $393

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